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Android is Google’s operating system for mobile devices, amongst other devices such as TVs, watches and consoles. The Google Play Store holds many popular games of all sizes and complexity so if you know your target market is solely based on an Android operating system, then it makes most sense to develop your gaming application on Android. Android games are written in Java, which is a widely known language and is easy for a lot of developers to create games with. Mobile games in the Play Store now claim a high percentage of Google Play’s profits, meaning they are in high demand and are the biggest platform for gaming app downloads (over iOS).

There are many benefits to developing on the Android platform. The Android ecosystem is highly adaptable to multiple programming languages, and is a highly flexible software ecosystem. You can use the Android platform for Windows and Linux as well which makes it more adaptable and easy to use. It is also an incredibly easy platform to use, as the GUI is easy to understand and interact with. Our developers at TADCO are well versed in gaming app development, but Android is a great place to start for those with less gaming experience as the interface isn’t complicated.

When an Android game is developed it is a much easier and quicker submission process than submitting to other stores to release the game. When you do submit the game, the Play Store only requires a one-time fee for submitting the app so you can release your app to a large number of people (the whole app store!) for a one off cost, keeping your costs down by a huge amount. Games that are developed in the Android platform can also be made to be played with other people who have downloaded the game, which encourages your users to ask their friends to join in the fun, therefore getting more downloads for your game.

Android game development caters to device control builds so your user can have a more holistic experience. You can connect via Bluetooth, Wi-fi, LTE< GSM/CDMA/EDGE, IDEN and more so users can connect via different sources to enhance their gameplay. This allows for multiplayer gameplay and runs smoothly between all the devices.

It is a minimum-barrier ecosystem so developers can use a lot of tools provided by Android within the platform, they don’t have to use a lot of plug-ins to continue developing. This makes the whole development run a lot smoother and can get your app onto the Play Store quickly. Android games cater to gravity and GPS sensors based on the game theme. OpenGL and dynamic gesture control allow for a better graphic and visual quality, which enhances the whole user experience. If you want to take it a step further, Android also supports Virtual Reality through Cardboard SDK. At TADCO we will always ensure we have the right dimensions for screen resolutions when building your gaming app, because the Play Store is available to many different mobile devices. We always test on multiple devices to ensure the game renders quickly and efficiently.

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