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Product managers are essential for the success of any mobile app. There was a time when we had a client who wanted a product developed without the involvement of a manager. This left our team with lots of unanswered questions.

Some of the people did not know what they were building, especially how the features can affect users. After a few sprints and seeing what we wanted to see, we encouraged the client to get a product manager. The difference between having and not having a product manager made the difference between success and failure.

Team collaboration

A product’s success will be affected if the developers and the product innovation team does not communicated regularly with each other. The same can be said if developers are not get constantly in touch with product managers. It is easy for developers to get lost in the details and get lost in the sea of app development. The product manager needs to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

There are many disasters that can result from ineffective collaboration of team members and one of them is the drop in developer velocity. Productivity is adversely affected by a good number of things and one reason for slowed productivity is the lack of product manager-developer cooperation.

The product manager has two roles, he is an advocate but he is also captain of the team. He needs to consider a wide range of interests; the users, the builders, the developers; and the designers. It is only with effective collaboration that great products are created and business goals achieved.

How to seamlessly collaborate

So how do you get people to seamlessly collaborate with each other? Here are a few steps, which you can follow.

Establish regular meetings

Always stick to a consistent meeting schedule. The product manager must always be included in key discussions. The product manager’s perspective is needed every step of the way. He can inform everyone if there are things to be added and how these things should be prioritized.

Share feedback

Share feedback to the group and consider each feedback given. Do not allow feedback to get lost in translation and you can avoid this by directly conveying it to everyone on the team. Not only does this promote transparency, it also improves the efficiency of the team.

Review designs together

Mock-ups and frames must be reviewed together with product managers and everyone should be included in the project. Although design by committee never works, the developers can provide valuable insights. They can also suggest alternatives right then and there.

Document details

There should be a section in the project management tool where product managers can provide detailed acceptance criteria for tasks and user stories. The document will be a map to your end product.

Include developers in the testing sessions

Developers should participate in user testing sessions. It is easy for developers to be left out but with developers present the team will gain a deeper dive into the findings.