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It is well established now that organisations need to be increasingly mobile in a globally connected world. To help your employees connect remotely to your organisation’s key statistics and data, it’s important that companies build mobile apps that cater specifically to them. At The App Development Company, we are experts in strategising, building and deploying mobile apps tailored for enterprises.

When building a mobile app for enterprise, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Our team of expert project managers and developers have built many enterprise apps, and know the right recipe to make a successful enterprise mobility plan.

Here at The App Development Company we take a logical and strategic approach to enterprise app solutions. Our enterprise app developers work with your business through the app development process by firstly assessing current assets, in depth discussion about the goals of the app project, formalising your company strategy, quantifying results of the enterprise application and then providing world class support after launch. To put it simply we are striving to be the best enterprise app developers Ireland has to offer.

Our tech team has years of experience in developing mobile and software application solutions, solving complex enterprise challenges for Fortune500 companies . TADCO is an enterprise mobile app development company that understands the needs of organisations and uses industry best practice to deliver  scalable results.


Mobile Device Management

It is important to not only build apps that can cater to your employees, but also important to control mobile devices that have access to your company’s services. Data theft, and improper security policies can lead to headaches and revenue loss. At The App Development Company, we work closely with your existing IT team to integrate a wide range of mobile devices into your enterprise app infrastructure. Don’t have an IT team, but are looking to outsource it to us? We support organisations from all size, and ramp up an IT team which can provide infrastructure support to your organisation.

Field Sales Apps

Are you a large organisation looking to mobilise your on field teams who can report back with data? Reporting back with accurate data and on-time analysis can make your entire workplace productive and lead to greater revenues. At The App Development Company, we have created a customisable Field app solution that can plug into your existing data solutions, and allow your employees to access data from anywhere, anytime. Call us today to set a free demo for your organisation.


Your employees have devices from Android, iOS to Windows. When they don’t stick to one platform, why should you? At The App Development Company, we offer a comprehensive suite of services ranging from web application development, mobile application development on native iOS / Android / Windows and multi platform cross hybrid apps.

With us, you can be rest assured we will cater to what your employees use and where your employees are.

Security and Reliability

Using strongly encrypted sandboxes and reliable industrial grade protocols, we ensure that the systems we build are secure and by performing continuous security audits. After all, your data in the wrong hands can cause a lot of trouble. We go to extreme care to ensure your data is secured. At The App Development Company we have a dedicated security team that tries to break into the app we built, before anyone else can break in. For you, that means no more headaches trying to find the perfect vendor. We handle security for you.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

We know successful mobile applications are built using a combination of having an in-depth understanding of business goals, a well developed strategy, rock solid development and visually awesome designs. With years of experience in delivering scalable mobile applications in Android and iOS with expert server engineering, our enterprise app development experts are fully equipped to overcome complex enterprise challenges usually presented during the app development process.

Big Data Big Thinking

When tackling big data for enterprise we often have to overcome obstacles in order to reap the rewards brought about when big data is really put to good use. By organising large volumes of data our enterprise data specialists have the expertise to connect the dots and develop software that enable a company’s strategic initiatives to be carried out.

Web Based

The App Development Company’s web team handle the development for both front-end and back-end using cutting edge code while closely following application design advancements and trends, using valid HTML/CSS, PHP, Javascript and more. We pride ourselves in having delivered industry leading  complex web app  solutions for enterprises around the globe.

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