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With the advancement of HTML5 technology, it has become cheaper and easier to build mobile apps that can run cross-platform. While there are still devices which cannot run native apps, all an HTML5 application needs to run is a browser, which is available on every device. So looking to build an app with the reach of the web, but with performance like native apps – HTML5 is the answer to all your questions.

With cheaper costs and faster development, it is no wonder that companies and startups are using HTML5 to launch their Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

At TADCO, our HTML5 app development solutions can work perfectly for your company, if it’s what fits your requirements. However there are pros and cons to going the HTML5 app route. If you are looking for a quick option to make content available on all mobile devices without the need for native app features then HTML5 may well be your best option. It keeps costs down as it’s not necessary to develop native apps for multiple platforms, it only needs to be built once and is usable on all devices.

Bear in mind that there are limitations with HTML5 over native apps. It’s widely known that HTML5 provides an inferior mobile user experience as users expect to be able to use functions that take advantage of mobile device hardware that are not possible with HTML5. Inferior performance such as being unable to provide fast load times, unable to function while offline are further reasons why users prefer native over HTML5.


We keep hearing from analysts that the native apps versus HTML5 argument is exaggerated. It’s not the type of app, whether HTML5 or a native app, it’s “the strategy”, we are told. The cost / benefit, seamless integration etc. Although HTML5 has the W3C seal of approval. That being said, it’s clear from our observations in the market that this debate is finished. The clear winner is native mobile apps for both consumer and employee apps.

CSS3 and jQuery

Using CSS3 and jQuery – you can style your apps in multiple layouts and styles. This means, you can build your apps to be responsive as well as look presentable to your users. Our frontend engineers are masters in CSS3 and jQuery, and will ensure timely development of your mobile app’s design prototype.

Code Reuse

Building a HTML5 app, one of the greatest advantages is, close to 70% – 90% of the code is reusable across different platforms. This leads to shorter development timeframes and cheap app development lifecycle. You can get to market soon, and get actionable feedback from your customers.

Data Sync

In a HTML5 app, you can store data on the mobile device as well as the server. This ensures that your app’s data consistency is high and no data is lost, when a user’s network is lost. Our team of HTML5 experts are well versed with building applications that use the browser’s full features and storage capabilities.

Performance boost

Many people equate HTML5 with low performance, but at TADCO, we agree to disagree. We believe if built properly, a HTML5 app could, in some instances, provide the same level of experience and speed that a native app provides. Using our highly standardised development process we ensure that any app developed using HTML5 technology is smooth, high performance and is engaging for the user.


HTML5 application development has a wide range of tools and frameworks that are used these days throughout the industry. Starting from Phonegap, Sencha to Ionic JS frameworks, there are a whole lot of tools that have revolutionised the way apps are built. Our team of expert HTML5 developers are well versed with these technologies and other languages like Xamarin etc.

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