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Our multi platform app developers create innovative software solutions.

With the majority of the user base scattered over all different ecosystems like Windows, iOS and Android – developing apps for just one platform is a doomed model. You have to have an app that can work on multiple platforms and ensure wider outreach to all ecosystems.

At TADCO we are masters in building and deploying multi-platform solutions. Our team has worked closely with startups and Fortune 500 companies and helped them deploy their cross-platform solutions.


It’s a widely propagated myth that cross-platform solutions have to trade performance for cost and time. We beg to differ. If an app is built using the proper tools and methodology, it should offer the same experience as native apps. We do this by ensuring that we use hybrid platforms only when necessary, and go native wherever the situation demands.


More devices

Using multi-platform solutions you can reach out to billions of devices across the world in different shapes and sizes. This increases your potential market and ensures your users can find you no matter what platform they are on. But with more devices there is a bigger challenge aswell. How do you handle building your apps for different screens? And how do you handle different processors and operating systems, which may not support some features?

At TADCO our team has a strong history of building multi-platform apps without any loss in performance and features.

Power of HTML5

With recent advancements in HTML5 and javascript, cross platform apps are now becoming more powerful as they keep on having more access to underlying APIs of all devices. We are well versed with HTML5 and JS, and know frameworks like Phonegap, Xamarin, Sencha.

One Code Base to rule them all

With cross-platform solutions, you don’t have to manage different code base for different platforms. You have to manage just one code base that will take care of all your platforms. This means faster development times and less cost developing apps.

This also means that you don’t have to hire a team of Android, iOS and Windows developers to develop different apps. One developer can shell out code which can help run the entire platform effort.

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