UI Design

The user interface or the UI and user experience or UX plays a very important role in mobile app development. If both are not thought of properly, the success of the mobile app can be severely affected. Without a simple and engaging design for an app, users will not interact with it. In this digital age where our attention span is limited, users need an engaging design for them to use an app regularly.

At The App Development Company, we follow a whole range of holistic design principles enabling us to design amazing apps. Our team of design experts are well versed with creating designs for Android and iOS.

Design Library

To keep up to date with the very latest in design, our designers are always in the look out for inspiration. This means, your app is always designed keeping in mind the latest and the greatest trends around the world. It pays to follow certain principles when designing UIs. Even if an app has different sections, they must all be coherent and they must look like they all belong together. Some great examples of apps with consistent design are Netflix, Dropbox and Evernote.

Interactive design elements must be clearly depicted. Ambiguous designs confuse the user making them less likely to use your app. According to numerous studies, ambiguous menu options don’t work. So make it simple and make sure that the key navigation elements are visible.

Platform Specific Design

There are many differences between designing for iPhone and Android. For example, the iPhone does not have a back button, whereas the Android phone does. This explains why a lot of iPhone apps have back navigation button inside their app. This is just one small example of how the designs differ in both platforms. When you work with us to design your app, you get an expert team that knows the strong points of both the platforms and builds designs specifically to them.

Our philosophy at The App Development Company is to develop designs that reward the user thereby creating a positive feeling when they use your app. We make use of simple animations, success sounds and a whole lot of innovative methodology while building the app, to bring your user back into your app again and again.

Answer queries

When users tap on something, they want to know that something is working to bring them what they want. They want to know that something has started and they also want to know how long it will take. They don’t want to be left in the dark and kept guessing if something will happen or not.

Layered user experience

The user experience must be layered. When we say layered we mean that all the features must not be exposed all at once. Each layer should surface the deeper the user delves into the app. This will help hold the user’s interest longer. A very good example is Whatsapp.

mobile user interface design

In-app search

This is the usability of the app. The more intuitive the app is, the better experience users will have. There are various types of searches and they are:

  • Recent search – this search presents the users with a list of keywords that were recently searched
  • Dynamic filtering – this filters data which is already on the screen based on the keyword the user types
  • Auto complete – this search completes the few letters of the keyword searched
  • Search criteria – a pattern where users can search for the information they need by giving information a preset pattern


Not only does our design team design your apps, but they also come up with creative marketing ideas for your app launch. We provide design services for things like a landing page, email marketing and app launches, so that you can leverage them to get ahead of your competitors while making a design statement.

Looking for an expert design team to design your app? The App Development Company can help you with your design needs. We have designed and developed apps for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Book a free consultation with us today.