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In our opinion at TADCO, a game isn’t a whole lot without a well thought out game design plan. We always take into consideration what it is you want your users to achieve the most throughout the game and create the right interfaces and experiences for them.

User interface (UI) is the interface through which a player interacts with the game. Whereas the user experience (UX) is the entire information architecture of the game. In order to develop a well-rounded game you want to make the game as seamless and easy to navigate as possible for the user – the fewest necessary actions (obviously this is different to the actual level of difficulty for the player). UX designers make the flow and journey a player takes throughout the game and while they interact with the various parts of the game. The UI designers then take that mapped out experience and and build the components such as the visuals, details, animations of the game to make it even more intuitive for the player to follow along with. The UI and UX team are therefore different but they work very closely together to ensure these processes are followed for the developers.

At TADCO we have an awesome team of UI and UX designers that assess your app ideas and needs and create the relevant and creative experience your players and users want.

UI design follows the design principles of visual design. This includes the typography, layout and web design, and laying out these designs in a way that your users can easily follow and understand and act upon. In order to figure out how to create the right layouts and flows for your audience, we need to understand how your audience thinks and navigates games. It is also super important to think about the build and platform your game will be developed on as the interface can vary greatly from device to device. For example, iPhones have different layouts and buttons compared to Android phones so when designing your app our expert teams know how to think ahead and prepare for these differences. It also depends on the type of game you want to develop, narrative games that follow the player through the game and on different quests don’t need as much UI because there isn’t a lot happening on the screen. Whereas simulation games and online strategy games present a lot of information to hand for the player so the UI is extra important throughout these games.

Our UX designers ensure there is simplicity and consistency across your game. If players need to find the menu in each new scene, we ensure the menu is in the same place in every scene so players don’t get confused. We also stick to the same design conventions, rather than constantly trying to find new ways of doing things because for the most part, your players know that a red heart means health or potions. Rather than trying to recreate the cycle, we will add your unique spin to these conventions.

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