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We can turn your Windows app idea into a stunning piece of mobile software.

With Satya Nadella taking over the charge of Microsoft, their primary focus has been Unified Windows Platform. A platform that has 400+ million devices and is looking to target 1 billion active devices by 2020, is a platform worth considering seriously. Startups and companies can no longer ignore UWP and leave a lot of money on the table by ignoring these platforms.

At TADCO our team is well versed in developing apps for the entire Windows Platform. Our team is well versed with Microsoft technologies like .NET and C#, which power the core of Windows apps.

Designing with users in mind is key to developing a successful windows mobile app. Our Windows app development team include customers in very stage of the app development process. Our app designers are in the game a long time and know how important it is to focus on designing windows apps that are really user friendly.

Our Windows mobile app developers are highly skilled in C++, J2ME, .Net Compact Framework and have experience in developing for Windows 2003 right through to Windows Mobile 8.0. We hire only the top 2% developers that extensive expertise in Windows Games development, Windows App Development and  Windows 8 SDK using CSS3, HTML5, DirectX, JavaScript, XNA, XAML, C#, Silverlight, WPF, .NET, and C++.

Our Windows app developers are experienced in both development and support for areas including CRM, Retail, Gaming, Advertising, Weather, SharePoint, E-commerce, It, Education, Telecom, News and Banking.


The Windows app development process starts with an initial discussion around your business goals, requirements and what you want to achieve through having a Windows app. Based on this discovery session we create a concept to fit the requirements of the project, giving you an idea of how the app will function. We then start to design and develop the Windows application, the part where our expert team get to work using the right technologies and strategy. Once this is done we then test, test, test and test some more until we are done testing! Finding and eliminating bugs so that your Windows app is ready for launch. Once the app is launched we encourage feedback from users so we can work on the next update for the app. Why not contact us today to start the discussion?


One of the core offerings of the Windows Platform is that you can build for devices sized from a phone to a PC. Windows runs on Phones, PC, Tablets and Xbox as well. This means you can build apps which run not only on different screens but are used for different purposes. At TADCO, we are a leading team of C# and .NET developers, who design and build beautiful and engaging Windows apps.


Our consistent and in-depth experience in building Windows app has led us to develop modules, that allow businesses to charge their apps using in-app purchases or the freemium model. Since these packages are already built, with just a bit of customisation – you can start earning money from your apps and services.

IoT and Wearables

Keeping in pace with the rising trend of Wearable devices and Internet of Things, our Windows app development team is well versed with developing apps for this segment. We have worked with hardware startups as well as companies, who have let us handle their software development. Time and time again, we have proved our resourcefulness, by delivering high quality software. So you can focus on what you do best… build awesome hardware.

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Microsoft’s Augment Reality offering, the Hololens, gives users the possibility to engage with digital content and holograms around you. In Augmented Reality, people and objects from your virtual and real life mix together. Do you have an app idea that uses the power of AR to engage the user? Our Windows development team knows the ins and outs of the Hololens platform and we have made apps for our client using the Hololens SDK.

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